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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes Compared to Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been designed to replace harmful tobacco cigarettes. These are the devices which can be used by addictive smokers to get rid of their smoking habit gradually. As the name suggests, they are electronic and they work on batteries.

According to the claims of manufacturers and many independent researchers, electronic cigarettes help smokers to get rid of smoking habit gradually. These devices are to be used when the person feels like smoking. It contains low or no nicotine and hence it will not cause any harm to the health of the person. Utilization of these e cigs will enable the smokers to reduce their dependency on tobacco.

Although the reduction or abandon of tobacco is not possible instantly by using these devices, it is sure that the smoker will be able to overcome the dependency on tobacco. If proper care is taken, one can get rid of smoking habit easily.

Most of the e cigs don’t contain nicotine, although few models of e cigs are available with low, medium and high levels of nicotine. Since these electronic cigarettes will not have nicotine, the harmful chemical present in the real cigarettes, they are considered as safe.

Most important benefit of using electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco cigarettes is that they are non carcinogenic. That means they don’t cause cancer. Increased utilization of tobacco cigarettes will surely increase the chances of getting cancer by many folds. But those who use e cigs can have peace of mind that they can keep cancer away. It is to be noted that tobacco cigarettes contain more than four thousand harmful chemicals other than nicotine. They cause severe health damages, both in short term and long term. But the ingredients of e cigs are non carcinogenic i.e. don’t cause cancer. These e cigs are non flammable. Hence they are easy to handle and they can be used conveniently.

Electronic cigarettes are available in variety of flavors. Tobacco cigarettes will be offered only in single variety and if a person wants to try different flavor, he or she needs to move to a new brand, other than what they are using presently. But in electronic cigs, one can change the flavor of the cigarette by just changing the cartridge. One can select their desired flavor among wide range of options like chocolate, strawberry, etc.

Electronic cigarettes are non polluting. They do not cause harmful effect on the environment and also on the surrounding people. Smokers need not force themselves to be away from smoking incase people, particularly children are surrounding them. They can simply enjoy their cig without causing disturbance and discomfort to other people surrounding him/her.