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Celebrities Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Celebrities are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes while still maintaining a certain level of freedom and ‘image’ within their personal lives. An electronic cigarette is certainly not going to leave any terrible smell on your clothes if you have to end up filming a movie scene for example. An actor can also use the electronic cigarettes as a way to relax if they have had a stressful day on the set. Trace Cyrus is a singer with a famous last name, that is for sure. Trace is a member of a country rock band and also happens to be the brother of mega-popstar Miley Cyrus.

Trace Cyrus Uses Electronic Cigarettes

trace cyrus, v2 cigs reviews, buy v2 cigs, v2 cigs discount, v2 cigs coupon codes, v2 cigs discount code, v2 cigs promo, v2 cigs promo codesTrace Cyrus has been using South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes in order to attempt to quit smoking. Trace Cyrus knows that his views on smoking could certainly have an impact on whether or not young people begin to smoke, particularly the much more dangerous traditional form of tobacco cigarette. A singer/songwriter like Trace is certainly going to want to stop smoking in order to make sure his singing voice remains in top notch condition. The electronic cigarettes simply aren’t going to get all of that tar-filled smoke in your lungs and force you to start coughing and wheezing.The truth is that a performer such as Trace could very well be prolonging his career by using electronic cigarettes as opposed to the traditional form of cigarettes.

Charlie Sheen Uses Electronic Cigarettes

charlie sheen, v2 cigs reviews, buy v2 cigs, v2 cigs discount, v2 cigs coupon codes, v2 cigs discount code, v2 cigs promo, v2 cigs promo codesCharlie Sheen is also someone who has been photographed smoking what appears to be an electronic cigarette. Any person who follows Charlie online knows that Charlie is almost always amped up and people know that from time to time we’ve all got to wind down, so why not do this with an electronic cigarette? Charlie may also be looking for a bargain now that Two and a Half Men no longer needs his services and he isn’t earning the same kind of money that he did in the past, this is why he may want to purchase electronic cigarettes!! 

You may also wonder why electronic cigarettes are not smoked by more celebrities given their hectic travel schedule and consistently having to catch a flight, you would think many of them would look for a type of cigarette that they actually could bring on a plane.

Danny Bonaduce, v2 cigs reviewsDanny Bonaduce has had a bit of a sordid past, but he is a guy with a lot of talent and a good voice for radio. Bonaduce has been seen smoking electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes will end up helping save his voice for his very popular show. A lot of people who understand the radio business are going to welcome this change by Bonaduce. Bonaduce has also been on a number of popular reality shows, so this may get electronic cigarettes even more exposure. The exposure that I am referring to may get more celebrities to start smoking electronic cigarettes.

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