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Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are offered in a variety of models. These models are designed in order to fit the needs of different smokers. One can select their desired model which can suit their needs. Before purchasing ecigs, one should know about variety of models available in the market. This enables them to purchase the one which can suit their needs and preferences.

Typically, 2 piece models and 3 piece models are seen in the market. Almost all the brands in the market are offering e cigs in these two models. Generally, an electronic cigarette contains three parts. They are battery, atomizer and cartridge. Battery is necessary to light up the LED light at the end of the device and also to warm the nicotine liquid present in the cartridge. Atomizer is the part of e cigs which takes up the responsibility of turning liquid nicotine in to vapor. Cartridge is the one which contains nicotine along with the selected flavor. When a smoker draws the air in, it will activate the functioning of electronic cigarette.

Two-piece electronic cigarette has got two sections or pieces, as the name suggests. It will have cigarette section and filter section. Cigarette section will have battery and LED light. Filter section will have atomizer and the cartridge. When you need to replace the cartridge, you will have to replace the entire filter section. So you will get new atomizer every time you replace the cartridge.

In the three-piece electronic cigarette, three parts i.e. battery, atomizer and cartridge will be present. They can be separated from each other, resulting in three separate pieces, hence the name three-piece e cigs. In this model, atomizer and cartridge will be separate and they are to be screwed on to the battery to form the device. When you replace the cartridge, you need to discard atomizer. Hence the users will not have to get new atomizer every time. But replacing the cartridge is a bit messy thing in 3-piece model. When compared to the refilling of three-piece model, it is very much easy to refill 2-piece model. Hence they provide much convenience while refilling. Also, the 2-piece electronic cigarettes are cheaper to maintain. So there will not be much burden on the pocket of smokers.

Two-piece electronic cigarettes will have fresher taste because of the reason that atomizer will be replaced every time when cartridge is replaced. Liquid lasts longer in this model of e cigs. They come with disposable parts and hence the maintenance of these e cigs is easy. Hence two-piece electronic cigarettes are considered as advanced ones. Nowadays many people prefer to use 2-piece model because they can save time in refilling the cartridge.