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Ecigs are safe to smoke indoors

Are you a smoker who is presently contemplating on quitting your hazardous smoking habit? Are you looking for information about healthier alternatives to smoking? You are on the right track. Keep on reading and find out more about electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette appears and works like the traditional cigarette. But instead of burning dried tobacco leaves to produce smoke, the e-cigarette uses vapor which makes it far healthier and safer. It is powered by batteries and uses a cartridge containing the vaporizing element and cigarette zest.

An electronic cigarette has a handful of benefits compared to the traditional sticks.

First, an e-cigarette does not contain harmful chemicals that are usually present in traditional cigarettes, e.g. tar and carbon monoxide. A single stick of traditional cigarette has been proven to contain enough free radicals that can damage or kill millions of human cells. Fortunately, these free radicals are not present in e-cigarettes.

Second, unlike in smoking a traditional cigarette, e-cigarettes do not emit harmful second hand smoke which has been proven to be deadlier than first hand smoke. So if you use electronic cigarettes, you can be assured that the life and health of your loved ones will not be compromised even if you use the e-cigarette when they are around.

Third, using an electronic cigarette can be more economical over the long haul. A single cartridge can last for days or even weeks, depending on the frequency of use. You may do the math by comparing the price of the cartridge with a several packs of cigarettes.

Fourth, e-cigarettes do not produce ash because they do not burn tobacco to produce smoke. Hence, the need for an ash tray and the disposal of messy cigarette butts are conveniently eliminated. Bad breath will be gradually dispersed as well.

Fifth, there is no need to worry about forgetting the lighter at home because e-cigarettes need no fire or real smoke. This also removes the impending danger of fire-related accidents. Worry no more about accidentally creating nasty cigarette holes on your designer clothes and expensive upholstery.

Sixth, you can smoke an e-cigarette anytime and anywhere, even in the comfort of your own room. Smoking an e-cigarette indoors is safe for you and the people around you.

One good thing about e-cigarettes is that you can actually plan the switch from traditional cigarettes. Cartridges come in varying nicotine levels to help you gradually make the difficult transition until you get accustomed to zero nicotine. Say goodbye to the annoying withdrawal syndrome associated with the abrupt halt of smoking. You may even match the color of your e-cigarette with your daily attire for visual coordination and fashion. Take a look at several testimonials in internet chat rooms regarding the benefits, effectiveness, and safety of electronic cigarettes. If you want to have a healthier and guilt-free substitute to traditional cigarettes, shift to e-cigarettes now.

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