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Effect of Second Hand Smoke on Adults

Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous for the health of the smoker. But only few people are aware of the fact that even second hand smoke can also cause severe health effects on other people. Second hand smokers are those who are likely to inhale the smoke of cigarettes when a person surrounding them is smoking. Many scientific researchers have carried out studies to learn the effect of second hand smoke. All of them have proved that second hand smoke is just as dangerous and might also cause the problems which are caused by actual smoking.

Effects of second hand smoke on adults is widely studied because of the reason that adults will have more chances to inhale such second hand smoke, when compared to children. When a person meets a friend or colleague or a business partner who has the habit of smoking, then there are more chances that the person will inhale second hand smoke. This process of breathing the smoke of other people is also known as passive smoking. Immediate effects can be seen when a person is exposed to second hand smoke. Of course, the intensity and type of effects of passive smoking will differ from person to person, based on his/her body nature. However, few common effects can be listed out.

Among the most common of immediate effects: eye irritation, sore throat, headache, cough, nausea, dizziness are present. Those who are suffering from asthma will find difficulty in breathing and can also feel a significant decline in the functioning of their lungs. It is quite interesting and shocking to know that a 30-minute exposure to second hand smoke will reduce the blood flow to the heart. Those who are exposed to second hand smoke for longer periods will have increased risks of getting wide range of smoking related problems. They may include heart diseases, lung cancers, respiratory problems, heart stroke, etc. Few people might be allergic to cigarette smoke and smell. Such people can’t bear passive smoking, even for small period of time. Those who don’t have habit of smoking will feel much discomfort when exposed to second hand smoke.

When a person is exposed to second hand smoke for relatively longer period of time, his or her clothes will also absorb this smoke and will develop odor which can be easily identified as cigarette smoke.  It is always advised to avoid passive smoking since it can cause effects that are caused by direct smoking. Owing to the harmful effects of second hand smoke, many countries are implementing the laws that prohibit public smoking. Such laws are to be implemented strictly in order to prevent the effects of second hand smoke to possible extent. 

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