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Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Children

v2 cigs review, smoking is harmful to children, effects of smoking around childrenIf you are one of many parents that smoke, then you should be aware that you aren’t just hurting your own health, but also the health of the people surrounding you. If you live with your children, then you’re probably aware that they have become second hand smokers (or ‘passive smokers’), and surpising for some, being a second hand smoker is just as dangerous and is probably even more dangerous than being a first hand smoker. Every single smoker knows that they are hurting themselves, but most of them don’t really know that they are also hurting their children, which is why it’s important that you stop the dangerous habit before it’s too late.

Why Is It Dangerous For A Child To Be A Second Hand Smoker?

One of the many reasons why it’s dangerous for children to be a second hand smoker is that their lungs aren’t as developed as adults yet, which means they are more prone to disease. You may be shocked at how dangerous the ingredients of tobacco cigarettes are and how it can shorten most of your life span and your children’s life span as well. The ingredients that cigarettes contain are actually used in pesticides, gasolines, batteries, and even poisons, and the worst part is the fact that your children are inhaling smoke that you already inhaled, which means it’s even more unhealthy for them.

What Sorts Of Diseases Do Children Get When They Are Second Hand Smokers?

Children can get lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer (amongst others) and the worst part is that they can possibly get these cancers while they are still young, causing their lives to be shorter. Since your children are second hand smokers they can also attain asthma and heart disease. Remember, you aren’t just hurting yourself when you’re smoking, but you’re also damaging your children’s body systems. You have to know that children’s immune systems aren’t that strong yet since they are still children, which is why as parents, you need to prevent them from getting cancers and diseases instead of causing them.

Watch these two short videos that I found about the effects of second hand smoke on children:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Do Children Die Because They Are Second Hand Smokers?

According to many resources, over 46,000 children die each year due to the fact that they were second hand smokers, and sadly, they didn’t know that they could get an illness considering the fact that they don’t smoke. Tons of adults are suffering from illnesses at the moment because their parents would always smoke in front of them when they were children. That’s why you need to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and find a different and much safer alternative to enjoy the sensations of nicotine. Read some reviews of alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

What Is A Better Alternative To Enjoying Nicotine?

One of the best alternatives to enjoying the sensations of nicotine is by using an electronic cigarette. Since it’s vapor is not smoke based, there’s absolutely no smell, no tar and no ash, which means your children won’t get harmed while you’re smoking. You may be surprised at how many people have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes because of electronic cigarettes, however, just like every single factor out there, electronic cigarettes also contain a couple of disadvantages as well as advantages.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes?


  • similar taste of tobacco cigarettes
  • same sensation in your lungs without the harmful chemicals
  • no cigarette smoke or smell
  • safer to smoke around children than tobacco cigarettes
  • legal to smoke indoors (check your local laws first)
  • a fraction of the price (so you save lots of money!)
  • many more advantages…


  • may not feel like a real cigarette (most e-cig companies make them as realistic as possible nowadays)
  • may not satisfy your nicotine cravings as quickly

Which Electronic Cigarettes Should I Try?

There are plenty of options available out there for you to try. 

Before you buy any electronic cigarettes, you should read our completely unbiased V2 Cigs Reviews.

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