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How Are Electronic Cigarettes Made?

Electronic cigarettes are quickly growing popular as healthy alternatives to regular cigarettes, which cause lung and heart related diseases over time among smokers and passive smokers alike. Also called ‘smokeless cigarettes’, these are specially made electronic devices that simulate the act of smoking a cigarette, with no residue, no harmful smoke, and no side effects. 

Developed in China initially during the early 2000′s, the technology soon spread to the West, where it caught on thanks to its harmless nature and its assistance in smoking cessation. If you’re wondering what these e-cigarettes are and how they work, here are some insights that can help you learn more about them. 

Electronic Cigarette Parts

The different parts of an electronic cigarette

What Are The Different Parts Of The Electronic Cigarette? 

These e-cigarettes mainly have three parts: 

  • A vaporization chamber
  • A lithium battery (rechargeable)
  • A cartridge

The lithium battery powers the device, while the cartridge contains the most important component – the volatile fluid that’s converted to smoke. The vaporization chamber is where this process of conversion occurs. 

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work? 

The vaporization chamber in the cigarette contains an atomizer, which turns the liquid in the cartridge (mostly a nicotine or non-nicotine solution) into vapor, which is in turn inhaled by the user. 

This vapor is very different from tobacco smoke, and it is odorless and harmless, ideal for people who want to quit smoking but are too addicted to the act. 

The atomizer is activated every time the user inhales, and it converts more solution to smoke. In some cases, e-cigarettes also come with manual switches through which the atomizer can be activated. Most e-cigarettes also come with an LED tip that lights up when the cigarette is being smoked, to resemble a traditional cigarette. 

What Do The Cartridges Contain?

The flavor cartridges come packed with propylene glycol, which has been listed by the FDA as safe for general use. It should also be noted that these cartridge solutions come in multiple flavors, from cherry to chocolate, in order to make the whole process of ‘mock smoking’ fun for its users.   

Electronic cigarettes are completely safe devices that are unofficially used for smoking cessation, mainly due to the almost similar effect that it has on its users. If you’re planning to kick the habit and start a fresh and healthy lease of life, it’s never too late to start.

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