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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The most common option for all those smokers who want to quit smoking is electronic cigarettes. These devices have become extremely popular that their sales are increasing drastically across the world. When you come across these e-cigs, the first and foremost doubt you will get is usually to ask yourself whether they actually work? If you believe they work and give desired results; then you may want to know how they actually work.For this, you need to know the mechanism or workings of an electronic cigarette.

What is an electronic cigarette, anyway?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are the-cigarette sized devices which look very similar to real cigarettes. They have a colored LED light on the front-end and contain a flavoured atomizer cartridge and a battery to give it power. This cartridge will usually hold liquid. The LED light will light-up when the smoker inhales, giving the illusion of a burning cigarette.

Immediately after the user draws in, the pressure activated switch in the e-cigs will get activated. This switch will turn on the mini heating element present inside the device. It will produce vapor which looks very much similar to real smoke. This vapor is the same one which is seen in concerts, night clubs, etc for special effects. Fog generators are specially used in these areas to produce special effects of smoke. This vapor might also contain nicotine in varied amounts. Users will have scope to adjust the levels of nicotine in these vapors. The best part of these vapors is that they come in different flavors. Some of these flavors include apple, tobacco, mint, chocolate, etc. Interesting point here is that the user can also get the flavor of their preferred brand of cigarettes. That means, the users can get the feel, flavor and smoke of the real cigarettes without actually smoking them. This is great for someone who is trying to wean themselves off real tobacco cigarettes.

These electronic cigarettes are offered in two-piece designs and three-piece designs. Whenever the battery gets exhausted, users can replace it. Most of these e-cigs come with disposable cartridges nowadays too, so there is no need to worry about cleaning the device every time. Whenever the cartridge gets exhausted, just throw it away and replace with a new cartridge.

There are lots of brands in electronic cigarettes in the present market. One can select their desired brand based on various factors. Regardless of the brand the user is selecting, it is advised to know about its functioning and also know the nicotine levels. e-cigs are rated as high, medium, low and no nicotine-cigs. It is advisable to choose no or low nicotine electronic cigarettes. 

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