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Smoking causes impotency, cancer & other diseases

Despite the constant warning from Governments around the world as well as increasing the warning signs on every pack, tobacco cigarettes remain one of the most consumed products in the world today. Smoking, by definition, is burning of any substance such as tobacco where the smoke that is produce is then inhaled or tasted. The most common reasons for smoking is recreational cigarette use and route of administration but can also be done for rituals in religious gatherings to experience enlightenment and trances. However, tobacco, the primary ingredient in cigarettes, has been to produce harmful compounds when inhaled by any smoker which can cause disease such as cancer. Smoking is also believe to cause impotency in men.

Tobacco smoking is the most popular form of smoking and is practiced by over a billion people all over the world based on todays population. That’s about 1 in every 6 or 7 people. There are also other popular compounds that are also smoked. This includes marijuana (weed) or cannabis as well as opium. Just like tobacco, these components also pose danger but are less popular in the mainstream. There are the ill effects of smoking tobacco in various parts of the human body.

Smoking Causes Mortality

Mortality refers to the average life span that a smoker has compared to a person who has a healthier lifestyle. Based on the extensive data that was gathered throughout the years, smokers, both female and male, decrease their life span by 13 to 15 years. Smokers have a greater chance of dying between the age of 60 and 70 when compared to non-smokers. The United States alone has alarming statistics regarding smokers. About 433,000 of Americans die because of smoking complications per year. When getting the exact data worldwide, smoking remains one of the top causes of death and diseases which lead to death.

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Smoking Causes Cancer

Aside from reducing the life span, there have been studies that significantly identify smokers as having greater chances of having various forms of cancer. Some of the cancers that smokers are exposed to include breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer and even cancer of the esophagus. Lung cancer alone is the top reason why smokers die. Male smokers have a 22.1% increased risk of dying because of smoking while women are 11.9% more at risk. This significantly increases the chances of dying from cancer compared to the 1.1% of non-smokers.

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Non-smokers lungs (left) compared to a smokers lungs (right)

Smoking Causes Pulmonary Disease

As described in the introduction, smoking tobacco releases harmful compounds to the body and long term exposure will surely have negative effects. Some of the dangerous compounds that can be inhaled in smoking include cyanide, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other harmful elements. These dangerous compounds can then affect the lungs and can cause pulmonary diseases. One of this is the alveoli losing elasticity that can lead to COPD and emphysema. Smokers who have pulmonary ailments usually take a longer time to recover from cough. Other risks that smokers have include asthma, respiratory infections and even cancer.

Smoking Causes Oral Diseases

Since the mouth is the very first area that receives the harmful compounds from the cigarette, it is also the area where it is visibly affected by smoking. Smokers have great chance of having oral/mouth cancer. Various parts of the oral tract such as the lungs, larynx, the lips, throat, tongue and mouth are the most affected areas. Smokers have very big chance of contracting cancer in these areas of the body.

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There are other negative effects of smoking too. The physical effects include discoloration of the lips and teeth as well as the fingers. This is because of the nicotine that comes from smoking. Other negative effects include stress, psychological and even reports of infertility (impotency). Being aware of these negative effects, it is best for smokers to quit smoking and extend their life span in the process. Get help when you can and smokers should quit in the soonest possible time. 

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