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South Beach Smoke – Are Their Designs Better than Other Brands?

south beach smoke reviewsI have been using tobacco smokes for many years and I can say that it is a destructive habit. All thanks to electronic cigarettes, however, I now have a tool to make everything right for myself and my health. But, there is this one electronic cigarette that always gets my attention – the South Beach Smoke. Are they really as effective as they say they are or are V2 Cigs better in comparison??

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Regardless of which brand you choose electronic cigarettes are safer, cleaner, and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes while still providing the same smoking experience and nicotine intake required for smokers or people trying to quit smoking. Since e-cigarettes first became available and started to become popular in 2005, dozens of companies have introduced products for this market. South Beach Smoke (SBS) is a leader in the industry and offers one of the cheapest starter kits on the market for ‘newbies’ to e-cigs. Smokers wishing to try one can buy a Deluxe Starter Kit for less than the price of a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Overall, South Beach Smoke boasts a stronger and much improved battery life for more power, longer life span and better performance, as well as good vapor production and a clean, low-maintenance two-piece design. Their flavors taste better with the new 4.2 volt battery, especially the tobacco and menthol nicotine cartridges; however, some customer reviews still prefer the blander coffee and vanilla flavors.

What are the advantages of South Beach Smoke?

Graphics and Design

south beach smoke e cigsThe graphics on the South Beach Smoke cigarettes are simple, and the batteries, short and long, are white or black. Disposable and refillable cartomizers are brown, giving the appearance of a regular tobacco cigarette. Unlike their competitors, South Beach Smoke does not use plastic covers over the red LED lights at the tip of the cigarette; instead they have a crystal, which looks more like the lit tip of a tobacco cigarette and much more authentic than the standard plastic red LED lights. The batteries are slightly wider than those of other brands, but the difference is not visually significant, and results in 3 to 4 hours of battery life, even with heavy use.

You may have never considered the graphics or the design of an e-cig before but it does make a difference especially when you are going to be using it in public, you don’t want the company’s logo plastered all over it and you want it to look as much like a real cigarette as possible.

Battery Responsiveness

Recent improvements to the batteries being used by South Beach Smoke have increased battery life, vapor production and changed the flavor of some of their cartridges. The new batteries are 4.2 volts, longer-lasting, and have enhanced the flavor of the e-juice. South Beach has always featured excellent battery life, and the new lithium ion batteries last even longer between charging than the previous models. The batteries are wider and longer than many other brands’ batteries because they are larger and longer lasting – the trade-off between mobility and size versus power and battery life.

You can charge most e-cigs via a USB cable from your computer at your desk while you work or even using a car-charger. 

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Cartomizers and Cartridges

South Beach Smoke has two different designs. The Premium Starter Kit features a three piece design with separate flavor cartridges and atomizers. The newer Deluxe Starter Kit features a two piece design and has disposable cartomizers which contain both the e-juice and a fresh atomizer in each cartridge. Many makers have discontinued sales of the less expensive three piece design, but South Beach Smoke offers smokers the option. Disposable cartomizers are slightly more expensive than flavor cartridges, but most users feel cartomizers (cartridges and atomizers in one) result in less clogging, offering better draw and a cleaner vaping experience.

south beach smokes make the switch

What are the disadvantages of South Beach Smoke?

South Beach Smoke does has some disadvantages, like all electronic cigarettes do. Some user reviews have said that the taste of South Beach Smoke’s e-cigs is stale. This is why some people prefer other brands of e-cigarettes but to be honest it comes down to your own taste preference. If you bought a slightly more flavoursome version maybe you won’t think their e-cigs taste bland.

Where to buy South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes

The best place to buy SBS e-cigs is from their own website for a number of reasons:

  • You get the most secure payment system
  • You get the best special offers and discounts directly from them
  • They can track your order and solve any issues you have
  • They give a LIFETIME warranty on their products
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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