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South Beach Smoke Review – How Effective Are These E-Cigarettes?

Giving up smoking, I’m sure you know, is a hard task. Personally, I realized how hard it could be when I tried to kick the habit. I started exploring all sorts of methods to resist the urge to puff, starting with exercising every time I felt the need to smoke to even chewing mint to ward off the craving. But old habits die hard. That’s when I came across an alternative method – South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes were being touted as a godsend for people struggling to quit smoking, and naturally, I decided to give them a try to see if the claims were actually true.

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For the ones among you who haven’t heard of e-cigarettes, they are simply electronic inhalers that convert liquid into mist and simulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. This means that if you are smoking an e-cigarette, you feel like you are smoking a cigarette, but at the same time avoiding the actual act of inhaling tobacco. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are quite popular among quitters, so I decided to give them a shot.  If you read about South Beach Smoke Review on this website, you would say that these e-cigs are really effective and can help you a lot when you want to quit your smoking habit.

South Beach Smoke Cigarettes

What Are South Beach Smoke E-cigarettes? 

South Beach Smoke claims to produce the best e-cigarettes with superior flavour and experience when compared to other brands. The company feels that a touch of their e-cigarettes can change your life and free your tobacco urges, and for good reason. They advertise a variety of flavours, superior battery life, maximum vapour production, and built-in atomizers, features that are designed to get you hooked to the much healthier habit of smoking e-cigarettes. 

What Are The Benefits Of South Beach Smoke Ecigs? 

If you have read user reviews on South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes, you’d probably have come across the various benefits that switching to this brand brings into your life. 

After trying them myself, I have listed some of the benefits that these e-cigarettes have: 

  • The main and most important benefit is the less harmful act of choosing to smoke e-cigarettes. You no longer have to worry about harming yourself and destroying your lungs by inhaling chemicals and tar.
  • There is no bad odour or bad breath, and your furniture, clothing, and body smell smoke-free.
  • These e-cigarettes help in reducing the amount of money you spend in buying tobacco and cigarettes. Being a much cheaper alternative makes smoking these much more appealing.
  • There are a variety of flavours to choose from, and also a large number of accessories. This is sure to leave both men and women with a lot of choices and keep them happier.
  • There is zero passive smoking and you can smoke these indoors (based on local laws) without worrying about breaking any anti-smoking rules.
  • The vapour produced is enough to satisfy its customers. 

Another aspect that I noticed is that South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes really seem to be catching the appeal of a large number of consumers. The brand has a loyal fan base that sticks to it, and it’s only natural that South Beach Smoke users advise their friends who are struggling with the habit to switch to this e-cigarette because of the large number of benefits associated with it. 

South Beach Smoke claims to be different when compared to other brands by emulating the real cigarette better than most and providing a safe experience of smoking, keeping the community clean. I felt the vapour produced to be satisfying, and the whole smoking experience helped me relax just the way real cigarettes do. 

Are South Beach Smoke E-cigarettes Easy To Use? 

South Beach Smoke E-cigarettes come with starter kits that help new users get accustomed to the product. These kits contain all the items needed for you to make the switch to e-cigarettes. They have a battery, a portable wall charger, and cartridges that can vary in nicotine content and flavour based on your requirements. I found this to be quite a convenient set-up for a user trying this out for the first time. All you have to do is open it up, set up your e-cigarette, and puff away. 

Are There Any Cons To Using The South Beach Smoke E-cigarette? 

The only con that comes with these cigarettes is that some smokers may not be satisfied with the experience and would still crave for real cigarettes. This is natural in some cases, and is to be expected. 

Overall, South Beach Smoke seems to have pros that outweigh the cons, which has made it a preferred product for many. 

Where Can You Buy South Beach Smoke E-cigarettes? 

If you are intent on quitting smoking, the next thing for you to do would be to buy these e-cigarettes. 

All you have to do is log on to the South Beach Smoke website and order a starter kit for yourself. I have found that the starter kits give you an all-round experience which is beneficial for first time users. 

They even have offers that provide a lifetime warranty on all parts and 20% off on shipment. Another convenient option I found is that you can set your own delivery frequency for the equipment and you can cancel your order anytime on a no-commitment basis. Also, if you are looking for shipment to countries abroad, the delivery takes about 7-30 working days based on the country you are ordering from. 

I would personally suggest taking up a membership with South Beach Smoke as it gives you many more offers and benefits that are very profitable. 


I think that South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes offer good value for money and it is always best to go with a well-known and successful brand as such for an option of e-smoking. It is known for its hygiene and delivering exactly what you asked for and wanted.

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