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South Beach Smoke Review

south beach smokes deluxe starter kit review

South Beach Smoke – Deluxe Starter Kit

As an on-off smoker I’ve always found it hard to quit. However now that I’ve become a father, the incentive to stop smoking is stronger. Going cold turkey just made me feel irritable. I started to put on weight, so I was resorting to having a sneaky fag outside the house and at work. I saw a friend using these e-cigarettes so thought I’d give them a go, why not?

I thought they’d be just a gimmick and I’d be back on the real things after a couple of days, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I stopped smoking that first day when I bought a disposable e-cigarette and I haven’t touched a tobacco cigarette since.

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Cheap E-Cigarettes

I started off with cheap disposable e-cigs from convenience stores and gas stations. These were fine to begin with but the same friend suggested I tried his refillable e-cigarette and it was like the difference between a cheap roll-up and a Cuban cigar. I asked where he got his from and he recommended South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke Refillable E-Cigs

Refillable e-cigarettes can seem expensive to begin with as you really need a good starter kit such as the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit which provides a wall charger along with USB charger with a car adaptor and a choice of flavours. Once you have the kit you just need to purchase cartridge refills, that’s it. Overall I am saving around $40 a week by not buying expensive tobacco cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke even had some special offers on e-cigs, so I was able to bag myself a bargain. For me that was a definite bonus! They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like the smokes, you can send them back and claim a 100% refund. That was good for me as I didn’t want to splash out money on an e-cig starter kit only to discover that it wasn’t what I expected. In the end it was everything I could have expected. South Beach Smoke Review are all over the internet but this review will help you get a good understand about the product.

They provide plenty of choice on flavors and strengths and even have a handy flavour guide which compares ordinary cigarettes to their flavors, so if you smoked Marlboro Reds they would recommend the Deluxe Tobacco Gold flavour.

Everything I needed to know was on the site, including a handy FAQ section.

South Beach Smoke Members

Whilst I was on the site I signed up to become a member which gave me the advantage of:

  • A Lifetime Replacement Warranty on my e-cigs
  • 20% off cartridge refills 
  • Special offers and e-cig sales for members
  • Home Delivery Program

I like making savings and being a member allows me to save even more!

Home Delivery – Order South Beach Smoke From USA, Canada, UK and Australia

They ship internationally so I was able to order from the UK and my e-cigs arrived just 2 weeks later. I could even set my own delivery frequencies and the quantities I needed to ensure that I didn’t run out.

My satisfaction rating with South Beach Smokes could not be higher. I’m now recommending them myself, just as my friend did with me.

I’m happier and healthier and as a result, so is my wife and baby daughter.

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