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The Key Differences Between Tobacco Cigarettes And Electronic Cigarettes

The number of buyers for electronic cigarettes has steadily grown over the past few years and the trend seems to be catching on. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you would have surely come across the option of trying electronic cigarettes at some point, though you may not have considered the option much. 

But should you? Are electronic cigarettes a healthier option? 

Here’s a quick roundup of the differences between electronic and regular cigarettes, which should give you an idea on where e-cigarettes score. 

Tobacco cigarettes Vs E Cigarette

Tobacco cigarettes Vs Electronic cigarettes

What Are The Differences Between Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes?

The Basic Structure 

Regular cigarettes traditionally feature tobacco rolled in thin paper, with a filter at the smoking end. The filter is designed to keep tobacco flakes or harsh smoke from affecting the smoking process. 

An electronic cigarette, on the other hand, acts as a vaporizer and comes with a liquid solution. When activated, the liquid solution is turned into an aerosol mist, which the user can smoke in a regular way. 

The Health Factor 

Tobacco cigarettes have been around for decades now, but they’ve been in the news for the wrong reasons for quite a while. This is because tobacco smoke has a multitude of harmful chemicals including carcinogens, which are agents that cause cancer in humans. But the catch here is that, once ensnared, it’s often difficult to quit smoking regular cigarettes. If you’re trying to quit, you’re bound to know this – the process is exceptionally hard. 

This is where electronic cigarettes come in.  

Electronic cigarettes fully recreate the ‘smoking’ experience, without the harmful smoke. These e-cigarettes produce vapor that’s almost as thick as tobacco smoke but carries none of the deadly chemicals that the latter does, making them ideal tools for chain smokers. 

Passive Smoking Effects 

One of the main reasons why smoking is not an acceptable social habit is because it affects other people. Sure, tobacco smokers bear most of the effects, but passive smoking can affect everyone around the smoker, including women and children. If you’re a smoker, not only are you putting your own life at stake, but also the lives of kids! 

This is another aspect where electronic cigarettes score. Since the smoke from these cigarettes is harmless, you can smoke them anywhere without any worries. They don’t affect people around you, or even you for that matter! 

Odor And Residue 

Most tobacco smokers that you encounter are likely to have bad breath, and with good reason. There are a lot of side effects involved with tobacco smoking, and the most noticeable one is the smell. The unpleasant odor sticks to smokers even long after they’ve had a cigarette, along their fingers and clothes, and in their breath. 

This is not the case with electronic cigarettes. Even though the vapor seems the same, it doesn’t leave a lasting smell. Plus, you’ll never need an ashtray for electronic cigarettes because there’s no residue! 

The Flavors Available 

Tobacco cigarettes come in standard and distinct flavors, and there’s not much room for flexibility. You’ll probably have to change the brand of cigarettes that you prefer to try out a new flavor. 

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors and some of these even feature nicotine in acceptable quantities, making quitting easier. You don’t have to change the brand; all that you need to do is purchase new flavor cartridges and use them! 

These are some of the key differences between tobacco and electronic cigarettes, the latter being the safer and preferred option.

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