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Introducing RedCig – Buy Electronic Cigarettes in the UK

redcig Starter KitRedCig is an electronic cigarette brand that offers high quality e-cigarette products, starter packs, and accessories for smokers looking for something different than ‘traditional’ cigarettes.

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E-cigarettes are well known for their benefits, which include a lower long-term price-point and the fact that they do not contain the toxic, dangerous substances that traditional cigarettes are known for. E-cigarettes are arsenic, tar, and carbon monoxide free, and RedCigs are no exception. RedCigs contain no tobacco, are 70% cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run, are legal everywhere, and produce no dangerous smoke of any kind. This is the best alternatives for V2 cigs.
Instead of tobacco smoke, e-cigarettes produce a harmless, flavored ‘vapor’ that makes it feel just like one is smoking a real cigarette, though it evaporates harmlessly into the air if it is not inhaled. This vapor is created by the vaporization of a ‘smoke liquid’ that is used to refill the electronic cigarette. This smoke liquid delivers a small dosage of nicotine, making it capable of delivering the same ‘pick me up’ that smokers crave… but without any of the negative downsides.

A Look at the Contents of RedCig

So what do you get when you purchase the RedCig Starter Pack? Of course, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are a few different parts to consider. You want to make sure that you are getting the batteries, charger, and the refills that you will need to get started… but you will be glad to know that the RedCig Starter Pack actually comes with everything that you will need to pick up your new, healthier smoking habit right where you left off with the traditional cigarettes!

redcig electronic cigarette
It comes with 1 rechargeable battery, 1 card case, 1 USB charger, and enough refills to equal 100 cigarettes. But what is probably the most amazing thing about the Starter Pack is that it is only £19.99! Plus, if you really think about it, this is the biggest expense that you will need to make in getting started with E-cigarettes. Refills are much less expensive than even the Starter Pack, making RedCig a great brand to try for any budget-minded customer.

RedCig Battery Life and Overall Performance

According to customer testimonials, RedCigs products definitely perform up to par with even other higher-priced e-cigarette brands. As far as battery life goes, one battery is usually sufficient for light to moderate use. If you tend to be a heavier smoker and will be ‘smoking’ the equivalent of a pack a day or more, then you might want to consider buying another battery or two, just so that you don’t run out of power before you can manage to get back to your charger.
The responsiveness of the batteries, on the other hand, is rated very highly. The vapor is produced quickly, and you will find the battery strength of a charged battery more than adequate. Of course, RedCigs offers a warranty with their products, so if anything were to break down or stop working, you could be confident in the fact that you are covered and can get it replaced.
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Manufacturing Facts

Single Cigarette PackRedCigs products are manufactured to GMP standards in legitimate ISO accredited facilities. RedCig E-cigarettes have also been recommended by health experts, and are a well-known, healthier alternative to tobacco-filled cigarettes for smokers who might be considering a change. If you are thinking about giving up regular cigarettes for a healthier option with no negative risks or side effects, then RedCigs is definitely a quality brand to check into.

Flavors and Cartomizers

RedCigs sells refills in a number of different flavors. You can get not only traditional flavors such as light tobacco, tobacco, and menthol, but also alternatives to the ‘norm’ in flavors like cherry and apple.
The cartomizers, which are the part of the E-cigarette that holds the cartridge and ‘atomizes’ the liquid to turn it into vapor, are well-designed and respond well to inhalation… which is what activates them. You can purchase extra cartomizers separately or in starter kits. Different kits come with different numbers of components, so it is a good idea to look at what is available before making a final choice on what to buy, just to ensure that you get the kit that is right for you.

RedCig Website Rating

On a 1-10 scale, the RedCig website gets an outstanding rating of 9 out of 10. It is easy to navigate, offers a wealth of information about the products, makes ordering easy, and also provides you with several different ways to contact the company. On the other hand, the site is a bit plain… though this should not deter customers from ordering. RedCigs actually offers great products at an affordable price.

Shipping and Packaging

RedCigs products are packaged in card cases that look just like real cigarette packs, giving them an authentic look that will be appreciated by traditional smokers for their realism. As far as shipping goes, RedCig will ship products free if you order £40 or more in merchandise (UK Mainland destinations only)… which is a great deal if you plan on stocking up on refills to get a better price. They will also ship internationally.
Of course, prices for shipping vary by location, but are easy to figure out by simply clicking through the ordering process on the official company website.

Where Can You Buy RedCigs?

RedCigs products are available on the company’s official website, which is the best place to buy them from. By using the official website, you can actually earn rewards that will get you free products if you become a loyal, long-term customer… which makes it the most affordable and will end up saving you even more money in the long run. RedCigs can also be the alternatives for V2 Cigs.
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