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V2 Cigs Reviews – I used to be a chain smoker!

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V2 Ultimate Kit

I was a smoker for many years and I must have tried to quit a 100 times but keeping quit is what was so difficult for me and if you’re a smoker you know exactly what I’m talking about, right? With the recommendation of a friend, I decided to buy electronic cigarettes online and chose the V2 Cigs brand since I was able to buy their electric cigarettes online and the V2 international shipping option was available to me and I liked the look of it! I have been cigarette-free for almost two years and feel great thanks to V2 Cigs!

There are many benefits of electric cigarettes that I soon discovered after I began using them and these benefits became apparent to me immediately. First, this is not tobacco but rather the heating up of e-liquid that contains flavoring and nicotine. The V2 cigarettes have two pieces, the battery and the cartomizer which contains the place for the e-juice and atomizer. The battery heats up the atomizer and warms the e-juice so that it is released. I love that I can feel the throat hit and see the exhaled vapor that looks like smoke – but it isn’t!

The vapor that looks like smoke is nothing more than than the e-liquid, which is a base of either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavorings so the exhaled “smoke” is harmless and I do not have to worry about offending or harming anyone with second hand smoke. This was always something that bothered me but now I can buy electronic cigarettes and not have the “guilt” of harming anyone with my habit. Of course, since there is no burning and no tobacco – I do not stink using the e-cigs and no yellowing of my teeth!

My brother does not live in the USA but thankfully he was able to order V2 Cigs to Australia and begin using them as well. The V2 is definitely my brand and the one I recommend simply because they are cost effective, work well, and are convenient to buy online or are sold locally in some area. If you’re thinking about making the switch to e-cigs, you will be happy you did – I certainly am and I was a chain smoker…if I can make the switch, anyone can!

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