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V2 Cigs Reviews – Important Facts You Should Know First

v2 cigs review, v2 cigs soft case, v2 cigs important factsPerhaps you have been trying to end your dirty smoking habits for quite some time now, but to no avail. Plenty of smokers often stop smoking abruptly and end up getting back into the habit pretty soon afterwards. It really is difficult and a challenge to stay away from a cigarette if you are a full time smoker. However, with the new technology of electronic cigarettes nowadays, this is now achievable.

What are V2 Cigs?

V2 Cigs are popular e-cigarettes which are a favorite among many smokers, especially those who are trying to quit already. This smoke-free, odor-free, and tar-free brand makes use of modern technology to produce vapor that gives the same sensation as a regular cigarette but has far more benefits.

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What are the Benefits of V2 Cigs?

If you read different V2 Cigs reviews, you will usually come across positive feedback especially from the users of this product. Here are several benefits you can enjoy with V2 Cigs:

  • No dirty chemicals and tar going into your lungs
  • Completely odor-free
  • No nasty smells to be left on your hair and clothes
  • Much lower cost than traditional cigarettes
  • No second hand smoke inhaled by children or those around you
  • Can be smoked indoors too (check your local laws)
  • Plenty of flavors to choose from such as Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, and more!

With all these fantastic benefits, more and more people are choosing V2 Cigs over its contemporaries. Based on all the V2 Cigs reviews, this is really one of the best brands that will give you great value for your money and will provide the satisfaction you are seeking.

What is Unique About V2 Cigs?

Real ex-smokers actually designed these products in order to cater to smokers who wish to quit or perhaps switch to a better alternative without suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Many customers claim that the unique feature of this brand lies in its vapor. With every puff, e-cigarette users can really tell the difference. V2 Cigs themselves claim that their e-cigs have the thickest vapor in the market.

How Can You Use V2 Cigs?

It’s very simple. First, you unpack your set. Usually, V2 Cigs starter kits include a battery and a charger plus a pack of V2 Cigs atomized flavor cartridges. It also comes with a user-friendly, detailed manual (there are also videos on their website). The next step is to charge your V2 Cigs for the first time. You can charge via USB too. Afterwards, just install a new cartridge and you’re ready to smoke!

What Do Users of V2 Cigs Say About Them?

You can find multiple reviews of V2 Cigs on the internet on various websites, but I have taken a snippet of some of the testimonials from the V2 Cigs testimonial page and shared it with you below which showcases just a small handful of comments from its users.

“…V2 delivers thick vapor and the “hit” in the back of throat does the trick. I haven’t pick up a cigarette in over a year now and I truly owe it all to V2. I have absolutely no cravings to smoke….”

“…Now since I switched to V2 I haven’t touched an analog. My daughter doesn’t have to be exposed to smoke and I feel great, thanks V2…”

“…As far as products go, the V2 is the absolute best- great vapor, tastes just like a Marlboro (Red cartridge), and I’m telling everyone I know to get one!…”

Where Can You Buy V2 Cigs?

A lot of V2 Cigs reviews talk about happy and contented users who are satisfied with the wonderful benefits. So if you are really set on wanting to start quitting, you can shift to this now. Just visit to buy your first pack!

I have not been able to find these products being sold on ebay or amazon (and I wouldn’t buy them from ebay anyway incase they were second hand). The best place to buy them is directly from the V2 Cigs website where you can pay online easily and securely. 

V2 Cigs UK and Australia

If you live in the UK or Australia then you can buy V2 Cigs directly from their normal website and they have worldwide shipping for a reasonable price so that you don’t have to find a local company who may charge extra. I personally would only ever buy them directly as the international shipping is more reliable and trackable directly with the correct company.


I personally recommend V2 Cigs to you if you want to use electronic cigarettes. There are other brands available like with everything else but for this type of product, I wouldn’t personally settle for the ‘cheapest’. V2 Cigs are not expensive at all and on top of that you are getting the leading e-cig available.

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