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V2 Cigs Reviews – They Helped Me Quit Smoking!

disposable ecigarettes, disposable electric cigs, v2 cigs review, south beach smoke reviews, comparisonI decided several years ago to buy electronic cigarettes because I was tired of the horrible health effects regular cigarettes were having on me. I have heard there were many benefits of electric cigarettes but I needed to understand how these were better than traditional cigarettes, so I began researching. I found that I could buy electric cigarettes online and decided to go with the V2 Cigs due to the price and they seemed like there were many good reviews.

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Smoking for years had caused me to become very winded so that walking up a flight of stairs was becoming difficult and this scared me. I had a friend that began using the v2 cigs australia and they were readily available to her in the country so she was able to tell me all I needed to know. When I first switched, I noticed the cartridges which is where the nicotine and flavoring is, call “e-liquid” had different strengths. Since I was a heavy smoker, I went with the highest level of nicotine cartridges.

The e-cigs were unlike my previous attempts at quitting smoking because my nicotine cravings were satisfied and I had the sensation of smoking. This is something that no NRT was ever able to give me. I noticed in the first two weeks that I was not so winded any longer and my lungs were clearing by way of coughing up a lot of the tar and other nasties left behind from years of heavy smoking. My skin began to look better – I had not realized that cigarette smoking was robbing my body of oxygen.

I have been only using the e-cigs for the past year and have no desire to smoke regular cigarettes. I have since began an exercise routine and am in great physical shape now. My doctor congratulated me! I told her I buy electronic cigarettes and she told me to keep up the good work! I have no intention at this point to stop using the V2 Cigs – I have tried other brands but I always come back to this one as it just works and tastes better than the rest!

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