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Why I Smoke V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

v2 cigs reviewsWhen I first decided to buy electronic cigarettes I purchased the V2 Cigs brand simply because I had read wonderful online reviews and I was able to buy their electric cigarettes online. The benefits of electric cigarettes have given me the ability to quit smoking analog/tobacco cigarettes, which has been a true blessing since I had tried for so many years to quit but could never stay quit. I have been using the e-cigs for three years and have not had one traditional cigarette since!

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Another aspect of the V2 Cigs I liked so much is the availability – for instance, you can order V2 Cigs in Australia, which is convenient since my cousin actually lives in Sydney and this gives him the opportunity to get one of the best e-cigs on the market. I have experienced the same benefits of actually quitting smoking by using the e-cig instead. When using the e-cig, there is no tobacco and no burning tobacco so I do not have to worry about harmful chemicals in second hand smoke hurting my family’s health.

I will continue to buy electronic cigarettes simply because I believe in them and the many benefits they have brought to me and countless others. I have heard those that do not understand stating the nicotine in the e-cigarettes is cancer-causing, which is simply nonsense! Nicotine is a stimulant just like coffee and it has never been linked to any diseases even with all the testing that has been done. What is deadly is the many carcinogens in traditional cigarettes as the tobacco is burned. You get none of this with the e-cigs.

If you are a smoker and looking for a way to stop, I highly recommend the V2 Cigs because you can buy them online and the cartridges come in many different flavors and strengths of nicotine. You will find after using the the e-cig that you no longer think about regular cigarettes – that is exactly what happened with me. I never think about cigarettes anymore. My health has greatly improved since I quit smoking and began vaping instead – you can find the same benefits!

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