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A Comparison Between V2 Cigs And South Beach Smoke

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Once you have decided to give up smoking and use the aid of an e-cigarette to cut the habit, the next step would naturally be the hours of back-aching research on the hunt for the best brand to buy.

I did my own research when I started trying e-cigarettes, and have decided to lay out a comparison for you between the two top brands that I have come across – V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke. Both of these brands boast of their unique special features, and it can get really confusing for you to pick which one to try.

I have compiled a list of the important features and how each brand turns out, and you can go ahead and make a well-informed decision afterwards!

Factors To Compare E-cigarettes

Here are some of things you must keep an eye on when choosing your e-cigarette brand:

  • Battery Life
  • Vapour
  • Flavours
  • Starter Kits (value for money)
  • Price, Offers, and Customer Service

Battery Life of Electronic Cigarettes


The battery life of V2 Cigs is 200 puffs per charge. That’s around medium battery life. This is a bit disappointing as you end up having to recharge your battery quite often. South Beach Smokes on the other hands boasts of a longer battery life. So for those of you who would find it cumbersome to recharge the batteries repeatedly, South Beach Smokes is the more preferable brand.

Vapour Quality of V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke

When it comes to vapour, V2 Cigs wins hands down. They advertise themselves by claiming that their e-cigarettes produce the thickest vapour compared to competing brands, and it is true! The thick vapour is something you do not have to inhale a few times to obtain and it gives a very satisfying feeling to a smoker who is trying to switch to e-cigarettes. South Beach Smoke does not produce the same quality of thick vapour. So if you are looking for an experience that completely simulates tobacco smoking, V2 Cigs definitely wins in this aspect.

What Flavor E-cigs Are Available?

The large assortment of flavours that V2 Cigs offers nearly blew my mind. I could pick from menthol to grape, and some of them even come as e-liquids. The variety definitely adds to the initiative of opting for V2 Cigs. South Beach Smoke has a lesser variety of flavours, which generally stick to the usual tobacco flavoured to menthol. If you are someone looking for change often, like me, then V2 Cigs is a brilliant option because of the different flavor refills available to buy online.

V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

The biggest advantage V2 Cigs have over other e-cigarette brands is their economical starter kits. They have a Standard Starter Kit that has 2 batteries (automatic and manual), ten flavour cartridges, 1 wall adapter and 1 smart charger. On the other hand, South Beach Smokes Deluxe Starter Kit has 2 batteries, 5 flavour cartridges, and 1 wall adapter. Clearly, V2 Cigs has more to offer than South Beach Smoke in the same price range just because of the many flavours they give you!

Price, Offers, and Customer Service

The prices quoted at both V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke websites are similar. Although this is the case, V2 Cigs generally provides more items at the same price or a bit more.

V2 Cigs has a lifetime warranty offer for 5 batteries of an e-cigarette. This means that if the battery is done, you can get 5 replacements for the battery based on the warranty. South Beach Smoke has a completely different version of the lifetime warranty offer. Their offer includes you signing up for their membership, and once you do, they automatically send you flavours every month by deducting the money directly from your credit card. I don’t know if I would smoke the same amount next month, so I would prefer the V2 Cigs warranty offer as compared to South Beach Smoke’s. If you are a regular smoker, then South Beach Smoke is the brand for you.

Customer service is a factor in which V2 Cigs scored full marks. Based on my experience as well as user reviews, their customer service can be deemed excellent! South Beach Smoke has had some hiccups in this department though.

Which One Is Better – South Beach Smoke or V2 Cigs?

After analysing the factors mentioned above, clearly, V2 Cigs wins this war. Still, South Beach Smoke has a lot of good accessories and starter kits to offer, as they are trying to get ahead of the game. But, if you want to decide which brand would suit you the best, it is better if you go through a list as depicted above to get to something that would be a rewarding experience for you!

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