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Two-piece vs. Three-piece Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is the newest tool in the fight to get smokers to quit smoking. As with any product, there is more than one type on the market. With electronic cigarettes, there are two-piece and three-piece models, with several manufacturers leading the way in popularity. We will review electronic cigarettes in an attempt to sort out which type you should choose when purchasing an electronic cigarette.

All electronic cigarettes have three main components:

  1. The battery
  2. The atomizer
  3. The liquid / cartridge

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A typical 3-piece electric cigarette

The battery runs the LED light in the tip of the cigarette and warms the nicotine liquid. The atomizer is the next part, and it is responsible for turning the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. That last part is the liquid that contains the nicotine and the flavoring. A two-piece electronic cigarette has the battery and the LED light in the cigarette section of the device while the atomizer and liquid are in the filter section of the cigarette. When you need a replacement, you only replace the filter and you get a new atomizer and new fresh liquid container with every refill. The three-piece models are much the same except when you buy a refill you only refill the liquid you do not get a new atomizer. You have to take the filter apart, remove the old liquid container, and insert the new liquid container. This can get messy.

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A typical 2-piece electric cigarette

Now that we have discussed the basics of the electronic cigarette let us get into the advantages and disadvantages of each type. As you can see the main difference between the two types of cigarettes are the refills, that is what most discussions, and electronic cigarette reviews focus on because it is what causes people to have different opinions of the product.

With the two-piece model, installing a new refill is very fast and simple, unscrew the old filter, and screw on a new filter. With a three-piece model, you have to set down and dismantle the filter, remove the old liquid container, install the new container, reassemble the filter and then reattach it to the main part of the cigarette. This can be a time consuming and messy task, especially the first few times you need to change the liquid.

Another item that needs considered is that with a two-piece model you receive a new atomizer with every refill. Three-piece models do not offer this convenience, when your atomizer clogs you then have to replace the atomizer separately. Another concern is the taste and freshness of the liquid. Many users of electronic cigarettes feel that the liquid refills for three-piece models are not as fresh, and do not have as much flavor as that of two-piece models. The last big concern is the cost of the refills. While the refills for the two-piece models are slightly more expensive, because you are getting a new atomizer with each one, the liquid seems to last longer. In essence, the price difference equals out in the end.

Two-piece electronic cigarette advantages:

  • refilling is very fast and simple
  • disposable parts 
  • cheap to maintain
  • fresher taste because of new atomizer each time you refill
  • liquid lasts longer

Disadvtanges of the three-piece electronic cigarettes:

  • messy to refill as you have remove and clean the filter each time 
  • time consuming
  • old style
  • less flavors available
  • costly refills 
  • reduced taste with clogged filters/atomizers

Those are the main differences in the two different types of electronic cigarettes. The choice for most people will come down to personal preference, but for most people the two-piece model of electronic cigarette is preferred. They believe that the convenience, ease of use, and lack of mess are worth the small amount of extra money a two-piece cigarette may cost. No matter which type of electronic cigarette you decide to purchase they both give you fantastic health benefits.

Every smoker should switch to electronic cigarettes for their benefit and the benefit of those around them. If you are considering purchasing electronic cigarettes check out the V2 Cigs Reviews, and the electronic cigarette reviews of other brands. The V2 electronic cigarette has become one of the most popular two-piece brands of electronic cigarettes.

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