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What Harmful Effect Does Smoking Have On Children?

The deadly effects of smoking have been well documented, as smoking-related diseases kill millions of people every year. Cigarettes come packed with carcinogens and other chemicals that adversely affect the body over an extended period of time. 

What’s lesser known is that passive smoking is also a primary cause of many conditions, especially when young children or pregnant women are exposed to such passive tobacco smoke. If you have a habit of smoking around your family or friends, here’s one more reason why you should stop – the smoke that you exhale harms not just you, but everyone around you. 

Passive Smoking Effects on children

Are you suffocating your children by smoking around them?

The Effects Of Passive/Second Hand Smoking On Children 

Children are affected by passive second hand smoke more than adults, and they are often exposed to such smoke through their parents at home or in the car. In some cases, they might be exposed to tobacco smoke in public places too. Through passive smoking, they inhale a cocktail of dangerous substances and poisonous gases including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and hydrogen cyanide. 

Here are the effects that second hand smoke has on children: 

  • Children have a faster breathing rate than adults, and are likely to absorb the chemicals hanging in the air due to tobacco smoke faster than others. This significantly increases their exposure to these toxins and puts their developing lungs at risk.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is more likely to affect babies who are exposed to second hand smoke when compared to other babies. This fatal condition has no discernible cause and often leaves doctor clueless, as the babies die in their sleep.
  • Second hand smoke slows down lung development in children and affects their entire growth cycle.
  • Children who are exposed to second hand smoke are prone to diseases like lymphoma, leukemia, and even brain tumors.
  • Pneumonia and bronchitis are infections of the lower respiratory tract that second hand smoke causes in children. 
  • Children who have asthma should never be exposed to tobacco smoke. This can worsen their condition and make them more susceptible to asthmatic attacks. It has also been reported that passive smoking contributes to new cases of asthma.
  • Hearing loss and middle ear problems are common in children who are affected through passive smoking, and this is because the smoke that they inhale affects their Eustachian tube, causing short term and long term problems.
  • Children and adults who are exposed to second hand smoke face an increased risk of developing lung cancer, by at least 20-30%. Every year, close to 3000 non-smokers die of lung cancer, purely due to exposure to cigarette smoke.
  • Children whose parents frequently smoke often exhibit symptoms like wheezing, breathlessness, cough and the gradual development of phlegm. 

Now that you’re aware of what your smoking habit can do to others around you, especially children, it’s high time that you take a step in the right direction and quit smoking using effective measures like electronic cigarettes. All that you need to do is order a starter kit from a trusted brand like South Beach Smoke to get started!

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